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About Parkhome

Parkhome Modular Units is a division of Southey Holdings (Pty) Ltd and is committed to offering a high-quality product at affordable prices.
We specialize in the manufacture of Park homes and insulated structures (modular buildings / prefabricated buildings), in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Office Space, Accommodation, Ablutions and other industrial applications.
Being part of a larger group, we understand the importance of adding value to our customers business, ensuring that they maintain high standards while making a lasting impression on their customers.
Parkhome is the name given to a mobile insulated structure that is erected on a chassis of some design allowing for temporary or permanent use. This initially started with the Caravan industry and evolved into our current format.
Our products can be customised to meet almost any needs, from a mobile vending unit, to a refrigerated store room, kiosk units, coffee shops, guard houses, insulated buildings and even Internet cafes.
With the proper care and maintenance these units can easily achieve a useful life in excess of 20 years.
One of the greatest benefits of our product is its versatility. We are able to translate almost any design idea into a functional product ready to be used within weeks.
On average our lead time is between 1 and 4 weeks. This lead time is dependent on your requirements and the proposed solution to meet those requirements. We offer both factory and site built options depending on your location.
Parkhomes are commonly known as prefab units/homes. These prefabricated units/ parkhome units can be used in almost any situation allowing for temporary or permanent use offices, accommodation, healthcare (clinics), school (education), and ablutions and or just general use.
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